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Multigen Marketing is your one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. Our goal is to help your business enjoy more impact and income through our customized services.

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I am Joshua Crampton, co-founder of MultiGen Online Marketing -Legacies LLC.  I can say this journey has not been an easy journey, but it has been well worth it.  I started my career in college studying psychology and business.  I then dropped out to focus on my 1st business, Majestic Lighting Design. Fast forward 12 years, and now I own a wellness business, have started to build a real estate business, and have grown Majestic to operate all over Texas.

The journey to opening my own marketing agency started after I burned through 9 marketing agencies and 3 lawsuits hiring marketing agencies to promote Majestic Lighting Design. Through all the error and bogus claims of “1st page ranking” blah blah. I hastened to learn the core foundations of marketing so that I could do it myself.

This decision has paid off handsomely, and I couldn’t be happier.  I decided to open my own
marketing agency to help businesses actually grown and achieve their goals with real outcomes and results. Building businesses and making deals is my biggest joy and greatest passion.  I named my company (and all my other companies) MultiGen, because it represents my WHY.

I want to build multigenerational wealth and help others achieve the same.  Me and my partner,
Deseere, work to ensure our network, our agency our staff are all organized to provide the best service, communications, and products to our clients. We structured this company based upon the “Law of Advancement,” which means to give everyone more value than you take from them in cash value.  We add to wealth of the world with every business transaction.  

Even the way we work with our team is filled with the principle of advancement, allowing each member a chance to advance little by little every day.  Any business can do this for both their clients and their teams! We believe in conducting our business as a “sort of ladder by which every employee who will take the trouble may climb to riches himself.”  – Wallace Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich.”

I hope, whether you’re a potential client or considering working with our family, that you’re able to sense the heart and soul in our endeavors, and that we are able to bring you abundance of opportunity and life by your choice to partner with us.

– Joshua Crampton, Founder MultiGen Companies*- Wellness, Capital, Mindset & Marketing


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Deseere’ is a mom of two boys, a self love and manifestation acceleration coach and co-founder of MultiGen Online Marketing.
For the past 10+ years, she has been working with people seeking transformation
in their lives through personal and business coaching. As someone who believes
it is possible to have it all, she is dedicated to being an inspired leader and


Many people find it hard to navigate the way to the path to true
transformation on their own. However, through her work with both personal
clients, as well as, utilizing over 15 years working with large companies such
as Nordstrom, Massage Heights and Booz Allen Hamilton in the realms of
training, sales and consulting, Deseere’ experienced that the path is much
clearer and less rocky with someone guiding you along. 


By helping others heal themselves, connecting with people to find their empowerment and showing others that abundance is possible, she has been able to find her true purpose and direction. 


– Deseere Cruz, Founder MultiGen Online Marketing – Legacies


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Our biggest goal is to help your business grow! We have dedicated teams for each of our services, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We love working with businesses of all sizes, and we will customize a specialized plan specifically for your brand when we work with you one-on-one.

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