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Better traffic, better leads and better sales, it all starts with a website design that stands out.

Why Do You Need Professional Web Designers?

Just as your home represents you, your website represents your business or brand. It should speak for you and tell your story. But not every template on the internet can be the best representation of your business. This is where professional web designers help you out. 

From choosing the best hosting to custom functionalities that will improve the experience of your website, they have many tricks up their sleeve. You just need to lay down your requirements and vision and let the designers do their magic. They will make sure that your brand’s message is crystal clear to your potential customers.

Let Us Tell Your Story With Customized Web Designs

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you have to move beyond the overused templates. Or at least give them your personality. We can give you designs that are customized to your needs. Besides aesthetics, we will also take care of all the technical aspects that will help you in lead generation, traffic and conversions. Basically, create a web design that improves your stats and brings results.

Here’s a general overview of what all our web design service includes-

Custom Design

We start the process by understanding your brand’s values, services and process. This gives us a vantage point to decide the color scheme, the font style, graphics and design that will work best for you. We will keep you in the loop so you can give us your feedback in real time and the design can be modified accordingly.

Responsive Designs

Your user can visit your website from any device. This makes it vital for your website to have a responsive design that auto detects and adjusts the elements of the website according to the user’s screen size. Our designers work with flexible layouts, create designs for thumb, leverage conditional loading and use every step that improves a website’s responsiveness.

Mockup Creation

Our designers will create multiple mockups for your reference. These mockups are static designs that are a visual draft of the website design. It includes placeholder copy, images and CTAs so you can decide which design fits your vision.

PSD to WordPress/HTML

Once you finalize the design for your website, we will get to work and begin the process. Our team will convert the PSD design mockup sent to you and convert it into HTML or WordPress based on your preference.

Multigen Online Marketing - Creating First Impressions That Last

Your website is the window to your business. Your customers see you as your website. So, if you fail to make the first impression, you fail to lock in your prospects. That’s not all. A poor website design leads you down the path of failure too. Whether it’s difficult navigation, poor user experience, complicated CTAs or walls of content with no graphics, you can be assured that customers will click out of your website just as fast they came.

Only professional designers with experience have the insight to make the changes that are user as well as brand friendly. Multigen Online Marketing has the team you need to reach that sweet spot. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in designing websites of all types. Whether it’s ecommerce, business, event, portfolio or blog website, our web designers can handle it all. By working with us, you will get what you need – a good first impression.

Web Designs That Attract, Engage and Convert

At the end of the day, what matters the most are results. Irrespective of how good your web design may seem, it’s no good if the results don’t show. Multigen Online Marketing is different in this case. We only work for results. Our services have always been result-oriented. We never let our clients take our word for the competence of our team. We let the results speak for them.

Our approach is focused on making a positive change with a web design that brings technology and imagination together. With us, you can expect the following-

Better UX/UI

A website that leaves users confused about the message, CTA or service provides a poor user experience. With our responsive designs, carefully selected colors, custom functionalities and more, your users will have a good experience on the website and take the time to explore and possibly convert.

Better SEO Campaigns

An improved web design with great user experience directly impacts the SEO. Stats like average time spent increases and improves rankings. As a result all SEO campaigns that ultimately lead a user to your website will be successful in generating leads and conversions because of a better design that’s able to retain the users.

Boosts Revenue

Better designs means successful SEO and PPC campaigns. A website that’s able to retain the users and provide a good user experience promotes reliability, trust on services and ultimately conversions. It directly impacts your revenue and keeps it that way for a long time.

Improve SERP Rankings

Around 38% of users leave a website if the design is not good. But a professionally designed website that caters to all aspects increases trust of the user. This in turn improves dwell time and lowers bounce rate which directly impacts the authority of the website. Higher authority in turn leads to better SERP ranking.

Brand Consistency

We create your brand’s image. From choice of color to font size, we maintain consistency throughout the website. Everything will resonate with your brand and this consistency will make your website and business memorable.

Builds Trust

When a web design is done right, it builds a lasting impression on your customers. They connect on an emotional level and develop a trust in your brand and rely on you for the best services. This trust ultimately leads to more customers and conversions.

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