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Local SEO - Just What Your Business Needs

Every SEO strategy has one primary goal – to bring your business at the top to a relevant search query. Now, while SEO strategies are necessary to build online presence, they are generally more inclined towards building the relevance of your business in a specific niche, globally. 

Local SEO is slightly different in this case. It is more focused on the geographical location of your business and the local search query. It is a set of strategies that help build your relationship with the customers in your neighborhood and get you to the top of queries that require local services.

Today, most Google searches are followed by a ‘near me’ tag which indicates local intent. If your business is optimized for local searches with appropriate keywords and geotagging, you will be able to be one of the listings in the results.

Find Your Audience With Expert Digital Solutions

Your audience is right in front of you. All you need to do is present your services to them and prove your worth. With Multigen Online Marketing, you get to experience the innovative ideas of a team of digital experts who put you on the digital map in your area. Our local SEO strategies are molded according to your needs and the competition in your niche.

Google My Business Optimization

Every local SEO starts with setting up a Google My Business listing. A GMB listing is one of the most important factors that influence ranking on local searches. It’s a profile of your business with all the necessary information and helps Google to present you to more relevant queries.

Local Citations

Our next order of business is to update your NAP (name and place) and other business specific data on local citations and directories like Bing, Yelp and FourSquare. We ensure that your data is consistent across all platforms so your business has a better chance at being verified and thereby more visibility.

Aiming for Better Reviews

Positive reviews on a GMB listing not only helps improve your brand reputation and trust but also improves your GMB presence and improves ranking. We manage reviews by replying to each one as soon as possible, resolving issues, and optimizing them according to target keywords whenever possible.

Relevant Inbound Links

Link building helps build authority. The more relevant links there are to your website, the more credible you are as per Google. We build a strong local backlink profile by reaching out to businesses, websites and platforms, guest posting, getting contextual links or offering sponsorships.

Optimizing Metadata

Meta Tags of your page give information to the search engine and the users about your services and your location. By adding appropriate city names, keywords and service appropriate tags, we create clear signals about what your business does and where it operates.

Mobile Optimization

Most local searches happen on a phone. For this reason, not only should your website design be responsible but your content should be optimized for mobile and voice searches.

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Unparalleled Local SEO for Better Leads and ROI

Small businesses have a better chance at ranking locally than competing with industry leaders in a competitive market. Local SEO is all about improving SERP rank of a business for a local search. While it is focused at a specific region, local SEO can ultimately impact the overall SEO of your business. But why is local SEO so important? Here are a few stats that prove how indispensable local SEO is to your marketing plan –
  • ‘46% of all searches are done with a local intent.’
  • ‘28% of all local searches result in a purchase.’
  • ‘24.4% of all clicks go to the first result of a local search.’
  • ‘70% of consumers use online information to visit a store.’
If local search statistics are to be believed, it clearly indicates that improving your business’ local online presence will result in better web traffic, leads and conversions. Local SEO is meant for this purpose.

Get Scalable Results With Multigen Online Marketing

At the end of the day, there’s only one thing that every business wants from their marketing agency - results. Thankfully, Multigen Online Marketing is result-oriented. We speak through results. Our local SEO strategies are focused on giving your better traffic, ROI and more.

Better Visibility

By creating a GMP listing and updating your NAP data on all local directories, the online visibility of your business improves. You become easily discoverable on searches of your geographical region which in turn improves lead generation.

Higher Conversions Rate

Once your website is optimized for local searches and relevant local keywords, your point of contact with your potential customers increases. And with strong local SEO, you present yourself as the expert of your region. Together, it results in higher conversion rates.

Google 3 Pack Enlistment

The stronger your local SEO, the stronger are your chances of getting enlisted on the Google 3 pack. These are the top 3 results that show up on a local search query. They present more detailed information of a business and also improve the chances of conversions.

Better Foot Traffic

Local SEO not only helps increase traffic to your website but also to your store. With consistent business information across multiple channels, customers will show up to your brick and mortar store. And the higher the ranking in local searches, the higher will be the foot traffic.

Quality Leads

When you optimize your website for local searches, you get quality traffic on your website. The customers are actually relevant to your business and may even end up using your services. A more targeted traffic also increases chances of subscriptions, sign ups and sales.

Low Advertising Costs

Gathering the local audience is one of the most important tasks for any local business. Focusing on local SEO offers a more cost effective option than pamphlets, posters and tv advertisements. It brings free traffic to your website and results that are long term.

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