3 Phases Of A Business: Expansion And Organizational Coaching

The Founder Runs Everything (One-man-show). If He Doesn’t Come To Work, No Money Is Made. 60-70% Of All Small Business: Tree Services, Roofers, Painters, Landscaping Etc…

NOTE:  Passing from Phase 1 to Phase 2 is the most difficult place for an entrepreneur to pass through. It’s mentally tough because they have to change the way they think about business. It’s structurally tough because they have to be able to delegate and it’s financially tough because they have to create enough abundance in Phase 1 to afford to pay staff to get into Phase 2.


The Founder Can Pass The “fishing Test” And He Has A Core Group/staff That “Run The Show”

Fishing Test: The founder can go on vacation for 2 weeks without answering 1 phone call or checking 1 email, and the business operates with out him

The Founder Can Pass “the Death Test” And He Has A Corporate Board That Votes And Acts In His Stead Without Him And He Can Die And The Business Will Still Function.
MultiGen- is because we want to help you create a business system that will multiple generations