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Put your business on the digital map with expert marketing solutions ranging from SEO and content marketing to web design and social medical marketing.
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Little Bit about us

Driving Towards Excellence With Expertise and Teamwork

Based in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, MultiGen Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides expert services including Google SEO, content marketing, web design & development, email marketing, PPC and social media marketing. Our services can help you and your business reach new heights, create a legacy, and experience abundance. 

As true partners to our clients, we solve problems, not tickets. Our marketers, strategists, and designers are autonomous, outspoken and collaborative. They love the process and the work. Seeing your business succeed is what inspires and motivates us to keep doing what we do.

We work with only industry experts which is why we are very selective about our team members. That’s how we stay nimble, transparent, and human-centric.

Scalable Solutions for Real World Success

Our Services

We manage social media communities and create strategies tailored for each platform. By evaluating and understanding your audience we curate and distribute content, engage with the community, and work hand in hand with fitting influencers. We monitor, measure, and report back our performance to bring you results.


SEO and content go hand in hand. We take a pragmatic approach to deliver an SEO and content strategy that helps increase your brand’s visibility, SERP ranking and organic traffic. From keyword research to well written ad copies, we have the best methods to create a perfect balance of content and SEO that delivers results.

Business Consulting

Expert analysis of your business model will give you an insight into the shortcomings of your business. Our experts will also provide you with a better action plan that presents a more niched audience suitable for your services, a competitive analysis and the best way to allot resources for profitable growth.

Local Map Listings

In addition to performing SEO on a global scale, the success of your business will also depend on how strong your local SEO is. This includes ranking on the first 3 positions for a relevant local query. This in turn boosts organic traffic to your website as well as to your brick and mortar store.
Our web design services are made for any and every brand. Our team of marketers work collaboratively to fit your brand’s aesthetic. We pay attention to user interface and experience to deliver responsive, functional, and mobile friendly sites. Having a website and a great design is a pillar in today’s online presence marketing efforts.

Landing Page

The pillar of any marketing funnel is a landing page. It’s the make or break point of your user’s journey. If you fail to deliver a good user experience, you lose your leads. Our experts can give you a user centric landing page design with exceptional copywriting that will convert all the leads coming your way.
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The Visionaries

The Faces Behind Our Success

Deseere’ Cruz
Co-Founder, Owner
Joshua Cramptom
Co-Founder, Owner
Sasha Kalawangoma
Editor & Cinematographer
Joe Sanhanga
Marketing Specialist

Why Us

MultiGen Online Marketing Is Built On Strong Values

Expert Solutions

Our solutions are of the highest standard, with all possibilities explored.

Pragmatic Approach

Our team are solutions-focused, using data to inform our decisions for long-term success

Innovative Ideas

We are agile and ever-evolving, pioneering new ways to solve your business problems.


We work collaboratively and take a consultative approach, valuing positive relationships above all else.

Customer Centric

Our designs are human-centric, based on real user research and insights.


We are passionate about continuous searching for the best solutions to your challenges.


what our clients have to say

Take Your Business to New Heights

Get results with expert digital solutions.

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Your Business Problems, Our Solutions

Explore our services to learn more about our digital solutions and set up a call.


We cover contract work and work on spec, offering both services for whatever fits the prospective clients needs best. If you’re interested in learning more about our contracts, contact us.


We have specialists for many different marketing services including web design, PPC, social media management, consultations, and more. To view the full details of our services, click here.


Marketing isn’t something that you can just do. It has to be measured and monitored to ensure that campaigns are performing well. We understand that, which is why we set KPIs (key performance indicators) with our clients to measure and reach their goals. 

Examples of KPI’s may include: increase in site traffic, return on marketing investment, or customer acquisition cost.


Short answer is YES… No matter your business, your customers are online. There are an estimated 4.9 billion internet users in 2021. Without digital marketing, businesses don’t stand a chance in the modern world. Without digital marketing, you will be nothing more than a dot in the digital landscape.

Digital marketing solutions will help you become more visible and not just to anyone but the people who are your potential customers. Also, digital marketing is faster, more effective, and more affordable than traditional marketing. It brings exposure to your business, builds a community, and converts.

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