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Business Coaching

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Unlock your business’s potential with our expert coaching services. From strategic planning to execution, we empower entrepreneurs to expand their ventures confidently. Our tailored approach ensures personalized guidance for every stage of growth.

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8 sessions


Vision Casting Coaching

Throughout history we see that great pursuits and movements and organisations have begun from a Divine Vision. In this coaching we focus on helping you hear, find, and develop your divine vision. Leaders always see how things “should be”, and going about creating movements to cause things to change. My favourite verse is: ‘Without a vision the people perish”.  As a leader your main job is to “Cast Your Vision”. In this coaching container we will focus on what your divine vision is, and teaching you to cast your vision to your team. Here we learn what the “Jesus Principle” is, in regard to building a core team. The first thing an entrepreneur needs to do is attack, choose and train up their “Core Group” or “True Group.” Your vision is not for everyone. But for whom you are called, they will hear your voice and follow you. You must first define what your divine vision is, and then be able to attract a Core Group to support your cause and be able to cast your vision over and over again. Until your Core Group is living and breathing the vision as you do.

The man who believes he is on a Divine Mission from God is unstoppable

Without a vision the people parish

Coaching Fee $5,000


Expansion Coaching

In this container we teach entrepreneurs to think bigger and think expansion. Most entrepreneurs never scale past the “One Man Show”. We help the business owner to replace themselves and create an organisational chart and a 100 year plan for their business. Which includes a plan for the business to go on without them, both while they are still alive and most importantly after they die. How sad is it, to see a visionary whose vision dies with them!  There is Phase 1 and Phase 2 of every business. It’s the difference between a small 1 man company and an actual “Organization” that functions on its own breath and energy and Life Force as would an “Organism”. We use this coaching container to teach and instil these principles to scale a business much larger than it currently is. There is a skill set of Vision Casting and Organisational Planning that most entrepreneurs need to proceed further in their businesses. Here we help you EXPAND!

Coaching Fee $5,000

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