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Build relationships with your customers and gain visibility and leads with content that resonates with you.

Content Marketing Is a Business Essential

A marketing plan has various elements to it that helps it voice the message of a business. Content is one of those elements. 

The words on your website should not be random sentences. They should represent you. Similarly, any other form of content you send out to your customers like emails, social media posts or text messages, everything should represent you. In simple words, whenever a user connects with your content, there should be just one thought in their mind – ‘This company gets me.’

When you bring the solution to their problem, you gain their trust. But how do you let your customers know that you are the solution? Through content marketing.

Market Your Business the Right Way

Marketing is a job of professionals. They know which path to take in order to create something that will resonate with the target audience. While A/B testing is always in the picture, in most cases, creating a professional content marketing plan involves a pragmatic approach.

At MultiGen Online Marketing, our team of experts chalks out a plan that helps them create short term goals to bring long term results.

Content Curation

Our content curation process starts from an in depth understanding of your business. Every business needs a USP. If you haven’t identified that already, we can help you find yours. We also familiarize ourselves with your values, message, services and operations. Once we understand your business, we begin the process of competitive analysis and topic research to create a content plan for all your platforms.

Keyword Research

A keyword is a query that people search for. If your business is relevant to a query, it needs to show up in the results in order to drive leads and traffic. Our team conducts a keyword research to chalk out a list of keywords that fits your business and make content optimized according to them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to nurture leads or to reach out to new ones. But, you need exceptional ad copies, graphics and subject lines that not only go with your brand image but also hit the inbox. Our team has been perfecting emails for years. We avoid using any trigger words or graphics to ensure there’s a good click to open rate with every campaign.

Landing Pages

Whether it’s an SEO campaign, an email or a Facebook ad, it leads the user to a landing page. Therefore, it’s essential to build a landing page that retains the user and convinces them to purchase. A good landing page is a result of good SEO, exceptional web design and the best copywriting. This is the only way to convert a user when they reach your page. Our team will give you multiple options of design and content so you can decide which one works best for you.

Blog Writing

Blog writing helps with not just disseminating information but also improving the SEO and the image of your brand. Well-written blogs showcase your expertise and increase the trust of the consumer on your service.

Video Creation

Video is one of the most consumed forms of content today. This is why, if your business needs video content, our team will create the scripts and the video, long form or short. We will distribute it among your customers through different platforms.

Turning Prospects Into Customers

When it comes to businesses, content marketing can be a boon or a bane. Unlike other marketing strategies, content marketing requires careful planning, creativity and execution. MultiGen Online Marketing has the experience to check all the boxes and present a marketing plan that delivers results.

Our team of experts excel in traditional as well as modern marketing strategies. We focus on building a relationship with your current as well as prospect customers. This is achieved through emails and social media. We also ensure that your content is optimized as per the search engines and other content distributions platforms. Keyword research, title tag optimization and competitive analysis are a part of our content creation process.

Every aspect of our strategy has one goal only – to turn your prospects into customers.

Moving Your Business Forward

The average person spends around 7 hours consuming content daily. That means a lot of content is being produced and consumed. Not focusing on content creation and distribution can therefore be a grave mistake for your business.

With content marketing services by MultiGen, you will see improvement in every aspect of your business.

Lead Generation

The entire purpose of content creation and distribution is to increase your exposure among potential customers and attract them to your business. The more well curated your content strategy is, the more leads you will get.

Organic Traffic

Every piece of content you create and share adds to the value of your brand or business. As your value increases, your ranking on the search engines takes a boost which further improves organic web traffic.

Higher Authority

Relevant, good quality and original content is key to building high authority. It creates trust among your audience and signals search engines that your website is a credible source of information which improves authority.

Brand Awareness and Visibility

Content marketing plans are laid out to not just sell your services and products but also your brand values. It creates an image of your brand that you wish to show to your customers and thus improves brand awareness.


When content is intertwined with relevant keywords and search queries, it gives a boost to your website’s SEO too. Also, the more quality content you distribute, the more backlinks you can get which improves ranking and authority.

Better CTR

Websites experience a higher click-through-rate when the customer is well aware of the brand or business. Well written ad copies, landing pages and blogs play a major role in this case as they help customers learn about you and your services.

Revamp your business with content that resonates with your value. Hire professionals for your content marketing today.

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