Chaos in Business Growth & Expansion: The Causes and the Resolution; How Google is Destroying the World. One entrepreneur at a time

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My History:

I am Joshua G. Crampton, and I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years.  Establishing my first enterprise at 16 when I discovered I could make more money, have more freedom cutting yards with my friends than working at McDonalds. 

Yes, I was one of those. A young teenager who quickly discovered the art of ‘making money” off my own efforts verses trading my time for a paycheck. That drove me to learn and study and read all the books. 

I was not always successful and mostly my experiences as an entrepreneur only created enough extra money to simply not have to “get a job.” There were seasons of “high success”, and seasons of overflow and abundance. Then seasons of retractions and failures. 

I have been on the upswing of a momentous push, and on the downswing of when the momentum begins to drop away.

Leverage and Momentum:

My understanding of “wealth creation”, has always been shaped by a concept of “Leverage”. Starting with A, and then moving to B and then finally rolling A, and B into C the bigger goal. When you start with nothing and don’t have credit or capital or resources.

" You must start where you are. You must start with what you have. You must come up with methods to leverage what you have, and where you are into enough money momentum to get where you want to be. "

If you are an entrepreneur like me. You have a BIG imagination. You have all these things you want to have and things you want to do. But they are not accessible to you now. So you must imagine methods and ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Thus, we come to the game of “Leverage and Momentum”. Where you can come up with one game to play and if your successful in that game, it will leverage you into a bigger game. We see this with highly successful entrepreneurs who eventually get into real estate.

A —> B —> C and D:

Business A leads to Business B and business A & B lead to Business C. Then A, B & C lead to the bigger goal of D. This is the entrepreneurial game. Leverage and momentum. For me, it was the lighting industry. Residential lighting design was my first real business. The plan was always to start with residential lighting and leverage that business to success and Phase 2; which means the business is self operational on its own. Then to leverage the money from the lighting business into OTHER businesses that have residual income and eventually investing into real estate.

Google and Success and The Destruction of the Entrepreneur:

Recently we launched a program called The MultiGen Veterans Program where we plan to build the whole enterprise without using Google in any way. The reason for the challenge is to prove that it still can be done. The issue with “Google”, is the chaos they create in the business sectors across the world.

I launched MultiGen Online Marketing in 2019 with the purpose of helping the small business and the entrepreneur of America. I saw the issues in our markets with Google and set out to attack Google and free entrepreneurs from Googles evil clutches.

Let me explain the hold Google has on small businesses and go over some history:

When I started Majestic Lighting Design in 2009, we never had a website or social media channel or the BBB or anything “online” at all. The Google Maps app had barely taken hold. Google Launched the Google Maps app in 2005 and it was only 3-4 years old at the time. We had built the momentum in Majestic Lighting Design by passing out flyers by hand and word of mouth. There was no “need”, to build a website or launch anything online. This all seems like ancient history now. To be able to launch and build a business with NOTHING online at all!! That sounds insane doesn’t it!?

When I do online marketing consults I always ask the business owner: “What would you do to grow your business if there was no internet?” I’m always met with blank face stares and glossed over eyes.

Today, the entrepreneur has forgotten how to be an entrepreneur. The reason is addiction and dependency upon “Google”. Addiction is the wrong word because it’s a forced addiction. An addict CHOOSES his poison. However, entrepreneurs today have no choice but to do business with Google if they want to have ANY market share at all.

The illegal hold Google has over search results was not 98% like it is now, when I started Majestic Lighting Design in 2009. Which is why we were able to build a company with no online presence.

We used to do post cards and EDDM mail outs and door hangers. However, we saw over time the return on costs go down and down and down as Googles illegal grip on search results went up, and up and up.

We began to notice loss of income when we did the traditional actions to get work and customers like we did before Google held a 98% illegal monopoly over search results. We noticed fraud going up and the loss of being able to earn traditional success going down.

Used to, back in the day before Google. You had to actually earn your success and earn your reputation and earn you market share. With hard work and grit.

Nowadays you don’t earn anything you buy it.”

Google has captured “success”, and put it up for sale. You can absolutely suck at your business and if you can keep getting enough funding for ads you can steal and maintain top #1 spots in search results regardless of how good you actually are. It has disrupted natural competitiveness and created a game where only those with capital get the #1 spots regardless of integrity, grit or ethics.


The art of the successful entrepreneur is the ability to build one enterprise and then leverage that into another bigger enterprise and leverage those things into other incomes and enterprises that secure his or her place into the condition of “abundance.” Abundance is described as “having more than you need”. This state is created by abundance of clients and security in your momentum. You cant LEVERAGE one thing into the next if your first operation keeps cycling up and down.

Lets look at some examples:

Majestic Lighting Design was cycled up to $50,000/month in 2015-2018. Then it got disturbed by a Google Algorithum update and dropped back to $0/month. Then, we cycled it back up to $100,000 a month in revenue in 2002 and then Google suspended all of its Google Maps listings in 2003 where it went back down to $0/month and bankrupt. We are now working to rebuild it again.

A friend of mine in Houston took 6 years to build his residential cleaning company to 5 vans, and $100,000/month only to have all of his websites de-ranked down to zero where he had to fire all his staff, sell his vans and restart from 0.

Another friend of mine built his roofing company up to $300,000 a month over a 4 year period only to get knocked back down to zero ranking after the Google Penguin update in 2012.

Another friend of mine built up his dog training business to being highly successful and was about to start investing in real estate when Google did another algorithm update and wiped his website rankings down to zero. When he had to move in with his girlfriend, sell his home and start building his business all over again from scratch.

There are 100’s of 1,000’s of these stories of entrepreneurs who were cycled up and cycled back down to zero in the leverage and momentum game Google forces us to be in. Today and until Google is shut down no entrepreneur is going to be able to be “successful” and get to a state of abundance. While actually following Google policy as Google policy is designed for small businesses to fail, unless they buy Google ads. When you’re dealing with the mob, you either pay them, destroy them or cheat them.


Google has done all of this with intent and clear planning. They know every time they do an algorithm update they are resetting the whole game for all entrepreneurs all over the world. They know it causes businesses to be dependent upon paying for Google ads. They know they are disrupting the whole financial world with each predatory update or change in rankings.

They do it on purpose. The reason is because if you successfully rank #1 year after year you are NOT going to be paying for Google ads when your ranking organically. In one argument I had with a Google Rep about our tanked rankings in Majestic Lighting Design. The Google employee laughed and said: “Well, if you are tired of your rankings going up and down all the time, why don’t you just pay for Google Ads.”


This is the strategy employed by Google. Disrupt the markets, gain dominance and then shake up the system every 9 – 12 months forcing everyone in the world to fight over ad spots which are ranking according to a bidding system where small businesses will pay more and more money for the top spots.

This is not only predatory its downright evil. I compare the founders of Google to Hitler. Yes, Hitler was evil and he killed by intention millions of people. But at least what he did was in plain daylight, it was out in the open and we can all see the evil he did.

The harm that Google causes is so deep and mysterious that we will never know the full extent of the damages they cause and have caused. How many entrepreneurs quit and gave up once they spent years building success only to have it wiped out in 1 single night after a Google Suspension or a Google Update. The progress of humanity has always come from entrepreneurs who are successful at their missions and help change humanity. How many entrepreneurial spirits have been snuffed out because of a predatory Google move to alter rankings and wipe out small businesses?

How many suicides has Google caused when they change an algorithm and wipe out thousands of small businesses? How many divorces and failed marriages has Google caused?

The intention of Google is to dominate, control and destroy. Which is what the Bible says Satan’s intention is!


Lets think about business revenue for a minute. Google has over 325 billion dollars. More money than Elon Musk, Microsoft and Amazon combined. Where do you think Google got all of that cash? Do you think they earned that money in less than 20 years by all the small businesses paying for Google Ads? No, they earned that money from large corporations paying for ads by the millions of dollars a month. Adidas, Shell oil, the U.S. Military, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Whataburger, Subways, the music industry, Hollywood, Target stores and large conglomerates are who has given Google this cash for the top spots.

If you owned a business would you rather have 1 client that pays you $100,000 a month or would you rather have 30 small clients who pay you $3,000? Of course! You would rather have 1 GIANT client who pays you $100,000 a month than having to earn it from 30 small clients. This is exactly what Google thinks. Google knows if they can keep disrupting the ranking results and wiping out small businesses that eventually all the large highly capitalized businesses would continue to be able to buy the top spots in their ads and year after year wipe out all the small businesses who cannot buy ads.

This is the world domination tactic Google employs.


In 2021 Google fired 90% of the staff that ran the Google Maps department and brought on an unnamed Ai to run the technology. 98% of “RESIDENTIAL SERVICES” clicks comes from Google Maps. Google Maps is a FREE technology whereas, Google does not charge money for small businesses to use the technology. However, 98% of all residential services comes from Google Maps. That means a company can create a Google Maps listing and if they can manage to rank that listing organically for the #1 spots they can garner 98% of the clicks for that service whilst, not paying for Google Ads. Well, Google CANT have that. That’s too much freedom.

The Google Maps department had more customer service complaint issues than any other department in Google. Even though, Google Maps is a free technology for businesses. So, in 2021 Google decided to take their focus to destroying businesses through the Google Maps platform. They decided to let their Ai do the dirty work for them. They decided to stop the financial drain on their enterprise by firing all the staff in Google Maps and increase their grip on the throats of small businesses. They initiated their plan to once and for all wipe out all small businesses. They used Covid in 2021 as a battle axe. Google knew with the economy shutting down they could use the Google maps app to help shut down permanently all the businesses that Covid did not wipe out. For example, in Google Maps they added a button in Google Maps for small businesses to click if they were “closed for Covid”. 70% of the businesses who clicked on that button never re-opened. Google saw an opportunity with Covid and took their shot.


From 2022 -2023 the Google Ai sent bots to scan every Google Maps listing in the United States and suspended more than 60% of the Google Maps listings in existence. This was during the fall-out of Covid loss of revenue damages. Most of the businesses that got suspended never got their listings back and never gained the top spots they previously had. However, Google didn’t suspend Starbucks, they didn’t suspend Wal-Mart, they didn’t suspend TireMax, they didn’t suspend Macys, or Footlocker or Subways. Only small residential services were targeted.

This was when Majestic Lighting Design went from a spiral up to $100,000/month and back down to bankrupt in 1 single month. Thousands of other small businesses suffered the same damage on top of Covid influenced damages.


Its vital that you start operating your small business “As-If” the internet and Google don’t exist. Impossible yes, because if you run a residential services company 98% of your business is ran through Google Maps and Google Search. Here, we plan to tell you exactly how to do both. Dominate and cheat the Google Maps and Google Search platforms whilst, starting new operations to build your business organically without the internet at all.

In every online marketing consult I give for my marketing company MultiGen Online Marketing I nudge potential clients to hire us but to also start running programs to build their business as if the internet didn’t exist.

We coach small business to create and launch programs to gain market share and get customers in the old school fashion of operating as if the internet didn’t exist. We coached an insurance company to create an affiliate and outbound sales team regime that included residual commissions for affiliates who would promote their service and to build a sale team headed by a sales team manager and Business Development Agents to go out cold calling to build the business.

We coach every business owner to build a sales team that are commissioned and willing to take to the streets to build their businesses. This is where you can escape the evil clutches of Google.

Additionally, on top of those kinds of actions we help small businesses fight back by using Google policy against Google. There are secrets we have learned in order to help small businesses dominate their territories or markets by in essence violating the Google Policies whilst remaining in compliance with the Google Policies.

For example, Google Policies state you are able to have 1 Google Maps listing in each city. Well, for example, if a small business is located in Houston Texas. We can establish more than 20 business listings there in Houston for that small business. Why? Well, because Houston is made up of over 20 small cities. For example, Sugarland is a city, Katy Texas is a city, Cypress Texas is a city, Spring Texas is a city, The Woodlands is a city, Conroe is a city. This is what we mean! In Los Angelas for example you can have more than 30 Google Maps listings. Because Beverly Hills is a city, The Woodland Hills is a city, Orange County is a city, Laguna Beach is a “city”. Are you catching the drift here?

Yes, we help small businesses dominate their cities by violating the Google Policy while remaining in compliance with Google Policy.


If you own a small business you can hire us to run Google Maps campaigns like this and at the same time you can hire us as a business coach to help set up and run outbound sales team and referral and affiliate programs. MultiGen Online Marketing also owns Purple Patch Recruiting USA. Which means, we can help you design a sales team, plan an organizational chart and then we can run all the recruiting and establishment of that regime. We can help you create a whole team of outbound sales reps lead by sales team managers who all work off commissions. This is how you will dominate and survive through the age of Google Domination. At least until someone assassinates the founders of Google or the U.S. Government bans the Google/Hitler regime from the United States.

We look forward to speaking with you about your small business and we hope to help you gain your power back!

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